Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The winter term (January - April) will include 15 lessons + 1 makeup lesson.  
Your lesson day and time: 

30 minutes - $115
45 minutes - $170
60 minutes - $230

Lesson schedule:
January (Tues) 9, 16, 31 ( I will be out of town January 21-29)
January (Thurs) 5, 12, 19 ( I will be out of town January 21-29)

February (Tues)  7, 14, 2, 28
February (Thurs) 2, 9, 16, 23

March (Tues) 7, 14, 21, 28
March (Thurs) 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

April  - I will only be teaching the week of April 3 and April 24 as I will be in China for most of the month. Each student should receive 3 lessons this month. We can schedule 2 on either week I am here, or, double either lesson time.  I will work with each student individually when we get closer to April. 

American Harp Society Festival:
The AHS Festival will be held May 13 @ BYU and is required for every student in my studio. PLEASE mark your calendars now.  If you have a conflict, they run sessions all day and we can try to re-arrange your competition time.

We have two recitals scheduled this term: The week of April 24 at the Care Center across from Lone Peak High and the other one week before festival at a church in American Fork. Exact date and times TBA

**The lesson fee is the same regardless of how many lessons you attend per month. Tuition is due THE FIRST lesson of each month, or the 7th of the month - whichever comes first.  Please give your lesson top priority as I will no longer offer makeup lessons.  If either of us are sick or have a personal emergency, I will offer one bonus or makeup lesson per term.  If I am sick, or have a personal emergency, I will find a time to make up the lesson at a time that is convenient for both of us.

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