Friday, March 13, 2009

Practice Tip - "my turn, your turn"

Typical practice fight - your child is half way through a piece when you decide that you can't stand to hear that wrong note or rhythm played for one more second. SO, you stop them...they give you that tell them what is wrong...they get get feisty...they hate their instrument...THE END.

Nobody likes to be interrupted. I remember trying to play a piece for my college professor and her stopping me every single measure for a correction. I felt like an anxious car on a road with a million speed bumps - would you let me play already!
We've started to play "your turn, my turn." The deal is, she can play the piece one time through without me saying a word. THEN, she plays it again and I can say anything I want. We rotate until she has played it about 5-6 times. During "my turn" I find the 10x measures that we'll use M&Ms or some other counting method for. (see M&Ms and Dixie Cups)

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