Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jello Jello Blue Blue

Having rhythm troubles? Try using words instead of numbers to count. These are some of the words that I use in my studio:

triplets- strawberry

quarter notes - blue

eighth notes - jello (JE-LO)

sixteenth - watermelon

half notes are harder - I either use HE LLO or just 1-2

whole notes - "whole note hold it"

going from eighth notes to quarters can be really tricky, especially for little ones. They tend to play the eights really fast and then slow down on the quarters. Stop and have them say it a couple of times (jello jello blue blue...or whatever the pattern,) then play it while you say it a couple of times and then let them try it alone.


chelsie said...

I LOVE this blog! What great advice - especially for a mom who is always looking for new ways to help piano practicing go more smoothly and enjoyable! I'm excited to use your tips - thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience!! Chelsie :)

Wenger Family said...

What a fabulous blog. Tyson just started piano lessons in January. I will definately use some of these tips. Our problem, is that he spends a LOT of time playing, but not a lot of time practiciting, if you know what I mean. It's hard to stay on top of it with 3 other kids. Thanks.